“I own a multidisciplinary private practice along with a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Am I responsible to keep all records for 10 and more years (PT’s, DC’s and RMT’s records)?
Who those files belong to?”
E. McLeod Hamilton ON

*For consultation on record keeping and retention, please contact Records Management at 1-800-775-0093. Document solutions are available for solo and group practices.

Patient access to their record:
Patients have the right to access and control the information contained in their health records. The obligations of health information custodians (HICs) related to the collection, use, disclosure, storage, access and disposal of personal health information are outlined in PHIPA13. These obligations include making written information about the HIC’s information practices available to patients, as well as information on how patients may access their health records. It is the responsibility of chiropractor or physiotherapists to be familiar with the content and implications of the laws applicable to their practice.

Who else should have access to the record?
The care providers within the circle of care.
“Circle of care” is not a defined term under PHIPA. It is a term of reference used to describe HICs and their authorized agents who are permitted to rely on an individual’s implied consent when collecting, using, disclosing or handling personal health information for the purpose of providing direct health care. For example, in a hospital, the circle of care includes: the attending physician, medical residents, consulting physicians, nurses, x-ray and laboratory technicians, physiotherapists, social workers etc. who have direct responsibilities to provide care to the individual. The circle of care also includes health care providers involved in the follow-up care of the individual (e.g. at the rehabilitation or long-term care facility where the patient is to be transferred). The circle of care does not include health care providers who are not part of the direct or follow-up treatment, nor does it include professionals who are not covered by PHIPA

An authorized assessor or investigator from a College established under the Regulated Health Professions Act
Authorized investigators, assessors or representatives of the College, as well as authorized investigators from another college established under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) must also be permitted timely access to records for inspection, copying or removal in order to fulfil their obligations under the RHPA.

How long should I keep my records?
The College has a requirement to retain records for 10 years after discharge for patients over 18 years of age.

Please, contact Records Management at 1-800-775-0093 for quote of secure medical documents storage.
Remember, as a licensed professional you are required to retain accordingly your medical files!

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