Relocating Medical Practice

Joining FHT or FHO?

Did you know that, with accordance with CPSO Policy for Practice Management Considerations due to relocation, you are advised to:

  • provide your patients with notification of practice closure and relocation as soon as possible after it becomes apparent that you will be leaving or relocating practice, in order to allow you patients an opportunity to either follow you on your new practice address or find another physician

Please, note, physician is only expected to notify those patients to whom they are actively providing care.

Mail notification

Telephone notification

  • subject to the limited exceptions set out in the provincial Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA),3 patients must have access to their medical records, even if their physician will not be practising for a period of time or has closed his/her practice. To facilitate patient access, the physician must make appropriate arrangements for either the retention or transfer of patient medical records

Records Management Ltd offers comprehensive assistance to doctors in Ontario who are relocating their practices. We will notify your patients of the closure, and supply them with access to their personal medical records for ten years or more to ensure that their transition to their next physician is smooth and secure. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff serves both the public and private medical sectors in Ontario and delivers start-to-finish document management solutions.

    • Physicians should also:
    • Give patients the information they will need in order to access their medical records; and
    • Consider notifying the College of where they are storing their patients’ medical records, and how patients may access those records. Patients often contact the College seeking information about how to access their medical records after their physician has stopped practising; and the College will then be able to pass the relevant information on to any enquiring patients.



  • The latest sophisticated Intruder detection system operates within our document storage facility.
  • Smoke and heat detectors constantly monitor the document storage environment.
  • Both the intruder alarm and fire alarm are linked to the emergency services.
  • All entrances and emergency exit points throughout the building have alarm contacts.
  • Out of hours security patrols ensure a visible security presence.
  • The property is monitored regularly by nationally recognized pest control specialists.
  • All documents are stored above ground level to prevent flood damage.

Physical Security & Personnel

  • Staff is bound by confidentiality agreements to uphold the security of customers’ information.
  • CCTV monitors both the inside and outside of the building for personnel or vehicle activity – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Personnel restrictions apply at all times. Whilst we welcome existing or prospective customers to our facility, we insist that they are by appointment only. Only a limited number of staff has access to the document storage areas.

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