Company Description

Records Management Ltd offers complete records management solutions for medical practices, law offices, educational and government structures and accounting firms in Ontario. Our services are competitively priced and compliant with the respective industry's regulations. Your documents are imaged and indexed with a state-of-the art technology and then secured both physically and digitally.

In these days of accelerating technology and communications, it is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to move into a digital environment. A forward-thinking business must have a reliable and rapid system of data storage and retrieval in place. Inefficient digital records can lead to sizable financial losses for a company. More and more companies are making the transition to digital media. Gone are the days of maintaining thousands, if not tens of thousands, of paper files. Today, the most progressive businesses maintain online systems for managing their critical documents.

Organizations around the world are deciding to have their files scanned and stored as digital images. Document Management Systems are used to “file” these images for instant retrieval. These files can then be accessed at a moment’s notice from any location through any online computer. Many businesses are coming to realize that utilizing DMS’s gives their organization an edge over their competitors. On a practical level, physical space is saved through the elimination of file cabinets; more crucially, however, these businesses are able to access necessary files at anytime from anywhere, saving on man hours, shipping costs, and paper waste. Moreover, they can communicate in a global market comfortably without any delays.

Records Management Ltd delivers cost-efficient and effective file conversion and online database management of those files. Encompassing a wide range of skills and capabilities, Records Management Ltd can handle everything from the most basic job to the most technical.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Fast and accurate execution of even the largest conversion projects
  • Detailed and professional protocols for rare and/or historical files
  • App compatibility with industry-leading software
  • Delivery in multiple file formats available
  • Utilizing the most advanced technology in the business
  • Well-trained and experience employees