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Records Management Ltd. retains paper and electronic medical records of physicians who practice across Canada. Please fill out the form below to request copy of your / your children medical files.

Disclaimer: You are entitled to a copy of your medical record. The original paper or electronic record belongs to the physician and must be retained in storage for a period of time, after which it is permanently destroyed. All patients of legal age or older requesting copies of the medical files must complete and sign a Consent form prior to the release of any medical information. Once we receive your request, we will provide the form for you. Transfer of copy of the medical file is a service that has not been covered under OHIP, as any other documentation services (insurance forms, sick notes, etc.). The fees are in accordance with guidelines governing medical files and are not prohibitive. No records are withheld once properly authorized for release. You may opt to contact us directly over the phone and request your files. Please call 1-800-775-0093 Mon-Fri, 9 am to 5 pm.

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