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The new era is here.

E-ARCHIVE for law firms.

Delivered at no cost to you.

Since the Law Society of Upper Canada ‘s Guide to Retention and Destruction of closed clients files has been recently changed (March 2012), it allowed for digital retention of closed files.  How is this affecting your practice? Well, quite positively.

  • No more ongoing paper storage fees
  • No more fear a document will end up where it does not belong ( according to the Murphy laws, the more important is the document is, the higher the chance to end up the shredder by mistake)
  • Increased searchability within the closed file
  • Increased security by implementing encryption
  • Risk-management program on place


It’s easier than you think. Call us at 1-800-775-0093 to book your demonstration. We ensure that your office will do exactly the same preparation of the files as archiving the files to be sent to paper storage facility. The rest is on us.

We know you have many more questions to ask:

Where my files will be stored? On a server or on a cloud?
How can I access my files?
How much does it cost?
What will happen to the originals?
How should I keep the Original Retainer with my client?

… And we have the answers; however we would like to customize them in accordance to your practice business model.

Please, refer to some of our clients Testimonials:

“I have used the services of Records Management Ltd. to scan my closed client’s files, transfer the information onto discs, and maintain an Electronic Archive for the past two years, and have always been completely satisfied.

Everyone at Records Management Ltd. is very accommodating. The members of their staff are very helpful and pleasant to work with. They have provided me boxes and picked up the files to be scanned at my office and answered any questions I had in a tamely manner. 

The operators at Records Management Ltd. have delivered excellent scanning results. Most of my documents are full of staples and paper clips, yet there was no complaining.

I would recommend Records Management Ltd. for your closed client’s files E-Archive scanning and management needs.”

Janice R. Johnson, hons. B.A., LL.B.
Barrister and Solicitor
Toronto ON

“Zayouna Law Firm is a team of more than 10 lawyers, their assisting paralegals and support staff. In 2012 we have engaged Records Management Ltd. to digitalize our closed client’s files, and up to date, we are continuing with the service on an ongoing basis, converting an average of 75000 images per month.

I find Records Management Ltd. to be experienced and resourceful in their knowledge about digital conversion and indexing.  Our major concern about the confidentiality of the content of the records and clients’ personal information data was reassured considering 2 facts - all employees are police referenced, and the physical and IT security of the facility.

I am also very satisfied with the quality of the scanned materials, and the structure of the Digital E-Archive I receive.

I’m happy to provide further information if required.”

Joseph Zayouna
Managing Partner, Zayouna Law Firm
Toronto ON

“It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Records management Ltd. Over the
past few months, the legal administration staff in our firm and I have worked very
closely with the staff of Records Management ltd. to ensure the smooth
transition of scanning and storing all our firm’s files. Records Management ltd.
offers a very logical and cost effective solution for file
scanning and storage”

Mila Popova
Licenced paralegal
Summit Legal Services, Scarborough ON


Most successful law practices utilize technology to reduce document management costs, expand attorney and staff efficiency and improve the probability of a successful outcome. Central to this commitment is the use of document imaging. Another trait of successful law firms is that they do not waste internal resources to implement document imaging but rather focus on their core competencies and delegate file scanning to trusted and cost-efficient companies like us.

Records Management Ltd. offers law firms in Ontario the opportunity to implement paperless office. Our document imaging system consists of hardware and software which converts hard-copy documents into searchable electronic files, creating the equivalent of an electronic photocopy. This allows attorneys to have access to virtual rooms of discovery documents on the go via VPN connection. It also permits legal staff operating from different locations to share documents and collaborate on conceptual and substantive matters without the difficulties and delays inherent for paper-oriented office.

Document imaging gives your attorneys a competitive edge in legal and strategic case matters and is the most cost effective document management system for any size or type of litigation. Document imaging improves your client service and increases the probability of a successful outcome.

Benefits of Closed File Scanning

  • Savings on your current storage solution
  • Off-site secure backup of your documents
  • Immediate retrieval of documents
  • Unlimited access to your documents
  • Cost fixed

Closed File Scanning Service includes

  • Conversion of documents to digital storage
  • Installation of scanned documents on your computer/server
  • IRecords Management Archiving Software including installation, implementation and training.
  • Storage and maintenance of customer materials during the scanning process.
  • Secure copy of database maintained off-site.
  • Secure shredding of documents.
  • Technical support and management consulting services

Optional Services

  • "Destruction Only" of documents not to be scanned
  • Culling services based on client criteria .

Records Management Legal Print Services Include

  • Meeting with client
  • Providing enhanced printing of your documents
  • Digital copy at no extra charge provided on CD
  • Quality control
  • High Quality printing at up to 600 DPI
  • Assembly, tabbing, indexing and binding of copies as required
  • Reassembly of original documents
  • Turnaround time to meet your needs