Medical Practice Closure

In addition to providing you with an effective records management system, RML also offers comprehensive assistance to doctors in Ontario who are closing their practices. We will notify your patients of the closure, and supply them with access to their personal medical records for ten years or more to ensure that their transition to their next physician is smooth and secure.

Our service is unique in that we are the only organization that provides doctors with digital copies of all their patients' files. There is no cost to the physician for storage, and it is an easy and reasonably inexpensive way for patients to get copies of their files. RML is the easy, economical solution for records management. We provide practicing doctors with a storage solution for inactive patient records that will save valuable time and space. This method also allows for an environmentally-friendly, paperless practice.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff serves both the public and private medical sectors in Ontario and delivers start-to-finish document management solutions.


We Offer the Following Services

  • Scanning of your medical records
  • Storage for the full period!
  • Notification of closure to your patients
  • A copy of all your files on a hard drive
  • We are scanning your entire practice!