Security and Compliance

At Records Management Ltd the security and confidentiality of your documents is our number one priority:

Physical Security & Personnel

  • Staff is bound by confidentiality agreements to uphold the security of customers' information.
  • CCTV monitors both the inside and outside of the building for personnel or vehicle activity - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Personnel restrictions apply at all times. Whilst we welcome existing or prospective customers to our facility, we insist that they are by appointment only. Only a limited number of staff has access to the document storage areas.


  • The latest sophisticated Intruder detection system operates within our document storage facility.
  • Smoke and heat detectors constantly monitor the document storage environment.
  • Both the intruder alarm and fire alarm are linked to the emergency services.
  • All entrances and emergency exit points throughout the building have alarm contacts.
  • Out of hours security patrols ensure a visible security presence.
  • The property is monitored regularly by nationally recognized pest control specialists.
  • All documents are stored above ground level to prevent flood damage.

IT Security

  • Access to our computer system is password protected at multiple levels.
  • Passwords and role-based permissions ensure that only clients' staff that is authorized to do so can order documents by 'phone or email.
  • We make regular backups of our databases which are stored off-site, at multiple locations.
  • Advanced firewalls protect our system from outside attack.
  • Our network is frequently scanned for vulnerabilities with multiple vulnerability management tools.

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