We offer complete records management solutions for medical practices, law offices, and accounting firms in Ontario. Our services are competitively priced and compliant with the respective industry's regulations. Your documents are imaged and indexed with a state-of-the art technology and then secured both physically and digitally.

Paper Files Scanning

Our paper file scanning process converts your paper files to a convenient, safe electronic format. We scan and index your paper documents to ensure that all records are accessible for your needs. We partner with Canon Canada and use the latest, state-of-the art scanners to ensure blazing speed and reliability of the scanning process. The sharpness and clarity of the scanned documents guarantees precise OCR results.

Paper and Digital Files Storage

Records Management Limited (RML) employs a unique, proven technique to ensure that your files are securely placed in long-term storage. Our storage facility has controlled temperature, humidity and lightning to protect paper files from moisture and direct light. We will copy, store and transfer all of your files to provide you with the most secure, efficient and economical records management system available.

Records Management

With our management system, staff will quickly and easily access files from a single electronic location that can be securely accessed by multiple users. The files are indexed and searchable thus allowing you to find what you need with a simple query.